The Trigger: Prologue


The Trigger

“Wow, this is the first time I seen you guys being…so independent!”

Sometimes it takes one simple sentence to make everything fall apart. It’s like the saying, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” It was a harmless statement. Nothing ill was suppose to come out of it but sometimes a sentence can be taken many ways and especially when it’s split five ways.

It was as clear as water what happen but to many eyes it can be interrupted differently. Betrayal? Second thoughts? Coming to their senses? Helplessness? Protecting? Yeah, whatever you call it ended in separation and broken hearts. Each side feeling betrayed by the other but in their hearts they can’t hate each because…after all those years they are still five.

Will I ever move on?

 How can I be so in love with someone when I was never in a relationship? What are we technically? Our conversations are long and we always keep each other company.  Now, whenever a guy tries to talk to me I compare them to you. I feel like you are the perfect man for me but it'll never happen.  If you asked me, I would eight years till you were done with the military. But you have a girlfriend and the times we talk together has lessened. I hate this. You leaving and nothing between us never happening. You leaving and me never telling you my true feelings. Whenever we talk, I feel that you same way about me but why hasn't anything happened.

Maybe we were never meant to be...

I read stories of requited love but I never thought it'll happen to me.